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10 Reasons Why Students Need Internet

Internet is dominant presently. Modernity is flowing into current times and technology is used primarily in communication, business, marketing, and especially, education. Students can gain a lot by utilizing the internet. 

Today, there are various internet provider companies that are providing great internet service for students; this includes UNIFI, Telekom Malaysia, and Time. So, what are you waiting for? Jom Apply Time fiber home broadband Malaysia so that our students can receive quality internet for their education. 

Being known for providing the public with various information, contacts, news, and many more, the internet is known as the world of knowledge. Therefore, with better internet, comes quality education. Here are reasons why students need the internet:

Necessary Contents

There are various information and knowledge available on the internet. Students can utilize the necessary information that is available as reference, reading materials, and anything that is study-related. Hence, this helps them in their learning process. Apart from students, teachers can utilize the internet as well for reference in their research or to share and learn teaching materials with other teachers across the globe.


The internet helps students and teachers to communicate with one another with ease. This helps students and teachers to discuss education-related topics which are very helpful in the learning process. Questions can be asked synchronously or asynchronously. Not only that, students are able to discuss with one another as well. Any platforms are accepted – most would opt for Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Meet, Google Classroom, and many more.

Online Education

After COVID-19, most education institutes opt for online education for safety measures. Apart from the educational institutes, businesses, office meetings, and school classes have also moved to the online platforms. Henceforth, the internet is a life savior in these times of need. Apart from online classes which are easily accessible, students are able to sign up for outside classes as well. Freelance teachers or tuition teachers are now able to conduct classes online which is easy for students because there is no need to worry about transportation, absentees, and many more. 


Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are available for students to search for well-researched articles. The internet becomes the students’ best friend when it comes to satiating their curiosity and questions about the world or even themselves. 


One of the largest obstacles to education is the pricey courses that come with it; such as the accommodation, education fees, and all the essential needs. Moreover, the internet provides quality education which is a sustainable development of a country. Provided with the internet, education is easily accessible through various platforms such as Youtube, and web tutorials. Apart from that, students can self-learn the necessary information they need. 

Effective learning tool

Teachers are able to post and use various websites and forums for educational purposes. Websites such as Powtoon, Canva, and many more are available for teachers to create their teaching materials. By using these websites, teachers are being creative by creating online teaching materials that could help them capture students’ attention in class. Apart from that, forums are easy to access as well so it is easy for students to discuss and ask questions if they have any. 

Multimedia education

Using the internet as the main access for education helps students with learning multimedia. Furthermore, it helps students to visualize what is being taught by the teachers in class. Video tutorials and many more are available for students’ disposal. 

Be up-to-date

Recent news and updates are available on the internet. It provides students with the latest information that is necessary for their upbringing, self-development, and education. Blogs, news websites, articles, social media, and many more are examples of information that is accessible for students to read.

Assignment assistant

As mentioned, the internet is known as the world of knowledge. Articles, research, and so on are available to be used as references. They can serve as data collection, reviews, and samples.

Career plan

Selecting a future career is important for students. Lacking experience, students have zero knowledge of what they are looking for and what to expect. Through the internet, students are able to select their career paths and plan their futures. Articles, blogs, and vlogs of successful people are extremely helpful.