Part 1 of Safety First: Office Safety Measures

The job is where the majority of us will spend half of our lives. Many people consider their workplace to be a second home. And, if you ask me, this comes as no surprise, given that many people work at least 40 hours every week. As a result, it is only fair that we make our offices as secure as our homes. Here are a few office safety precautions that we should do to keep ourselves safe.

Report Dangerous Situations

To begin, we should always report any potentially unsafe conditions we come across. You should always report any harmful situations you encounter, just as you would tell your parents if something was incorrect or dangerous at home. Even if you believe it’s just a dripping floor or a dangling wire. People could easily trip over the wire or slip on the spilt water. And, yeah, these things are deadly. Falls are responsible for 36 percent of fatalities, according to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). So, why don’t we do what we can to protect ourselves?

Maintain a Clean Workplace

Personally, I believe that everyone should be required to do so. To maintain them pest-free, it’s not only about keeping the floors and toilets clean. Our personal workstations should also be kept tidy. Clean up spilled chemicals if you work in a lab, and don’t leave tools laying around if you work in construction. Keep your workstation snack-free and water bottles and cups away from the wires, even if you’re working on a computer in a general office. Your spilt water could trigger electrocutions, as implausible as that sounds.

Wear Safety Equipment

Protective gear is required for persons who work jobs that put their lives in danger. People who operate in labs, construction sites, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and other environments should constantly wear protective equipment. It can protect you not only from dangerous situations, but also from contaminating the environment and products. Even if you feel more at ease or that you can complete your task more quickly without the protective gear, you are preventing yourself from developing an infection or suffering an injury merely by wearing it.

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