Staple Food in Asian Continent According to Countries 

Many civilizations across the world revolve on food, yet the common materials and techniques used to prepare popular meals may be alien to those from various backgrounds. In Asian continent, what is the staple food according to the respective countries? We all know that most Asian countries love rice. Like rice will be the staple food. It is to the point we buy the airtight rice dispenser malaysia . However, let’s take a close look at the national food of each country. The availability of local foods enables individuals who grew up with distinct flavors and fragrances in the kitchen to create their palate, although this varies widely from place to country.

Sushi : Japan 

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Sushi is connected with Japan, and it is the country that is responsible for the creation of this nutritious and tasty food in the mid-1800s. Sushi is a Japanese delicacy made of vinegared rice wrapped in thin sheets of seaweed, cucumber, shiso, or soy paper leaves. It may be anything rolled with the rice, from vegetables to meats to, yes, raw fish (sashimi).

In any event, it’s customarily dipped in soy sauce with a bit of wasabi for a kick.

Adobo : Philippines 

Adobo, a classic Philippine meal, is the result of a method of cooking adopted by the Spanish and Portuguese. For a savory combo, marinade chicken or pork in white vinegar, miso, garlic, peppercorns, and bay leaf, then pour over rice.

Other names: Adobar, Carne de Vinha d’Alhos

Pho: Vietnam

We’re not suggesting it’s impossible to avoid pho in Vietnam; but, you’ll have to work hard to avoid it because it’s sold and eaten everywhere. Pho illustrates that keeping things simple is frequently the best. It’s just noodles and broth with flavor and your choice of meat, veggies, seafood, or all of the above. Give it a go. Most people like Pho. 

 Tom Yam Goong: Thailand

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Tom yum, Thailand’s hot and sour soup, is a popular meal that highlights the country’s diverse characteristics. Ta-da! “Tom,” which is the process of boiling water, and “yam,” a spicy, sour salad, are combined. Soup with a kick of heat and a kick of sourness!

Seafood, like shrimp and oysters, are frequently used in tom yum, which is cooked with fish sauce, lime leaves, and evaporated milk to make it as creamy as needed. (The soup becomes Tom kha if you add coconut milk.)

Tom yum is a nickname for this dish.

 Mohinga: Myanmar’s

Rice is abundant throughout Asia, which is why it is used in a variety of meals. Rice is the heart and soul of Myanmar’s national meal, mohinga, which is located on the Bay of Bengal.

Rice noodles are served with hard-boiled eggs in a fish and shallot soup in this Burmese favorite (and you will too). Crunch comes from banana blooms and tree stalks.

Nasi Goreng: Indonesia

Nasi goreng is comparable to other Asian fried rice dishes, except it’s thicker and sweeter. The rice is stuffed with pickled cucumbers, acar, and carrots using a soy sauce that tastes more like ketchup (kecap).

It’s frequently topped with a fried egg, which is a delicious addition.

Fried rice is another name for this dish.

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