What Is It Like To Study MBBS Abroad Ireland? 

Study MBBS Abroad Ireland

Most people get a hold of their career plans once they leave high school but not everyone has it figured out, which is totally fine! Some people steer towards engineering, then we have people who steer towards graphic design. But one of the most popular fields among students happens to be medicine. Since the healthcare industry will always be a demanding one, they will never run out of students who want to pursue medicine. If you plan on studying in a foreign country, you must be weighing out all your options. Well a good option for you to consider doing your medicine degree is with RUMC. If you want to study MBBS abroad Ireland, keep reading this article. 

Why Should You Study MBBS Abroad Ireland?

Pursuing a medical degree is a very rewarding pathway that many people choose to spend their time on. When you study with RUMC, your quest to acquire the best medical education will be a journey worthwhile.

RUMC is an internationally recognised Irish medical education institution with two campuses, one in Ireland and one in Malaysia. You will be receiving the highest quality of biomedical science and pre-clinical training in Dublin, Ireland. You can also return to Malaysia to continue your clinical years. You will be experiencing Dublin all while you study along with other international students throughout the course of your programme.

It is very cost-effective and is an investment that you will be receiving returns on. You will be graduating with an Irish medical degree at a fraction of the usual cost with RUMC, while you gain an invaluable experience from living in Ireland! 

The clinical training provided by RUMC is of high-quality. You can develop all the clinical skills you require throughout your medical degree journey with RUMC. You will be getting unrivalled access to high-quality training hospitals during your clinical years. If you choose to perform your clinical years in Malaysia, you will be the only group of students training at Penang General Hospital and Seberang Jaya Hospital. Therefore, you will be able to transition smoothly into your housemanship years as you adapt yourself to the Malaysian hospital systems. 

Information Regarding Studying With RUMC 

Intake: Every September

Duration: 5 years TOTAL
    2.5 years of Pre-Clinicals in Dublin
    2.5 years of Clinicals in Penang, Malaysia

Fees: Malaysian: RM620,000
          International: RM740,000

Subjects you may learn during your pre-clinical & clinical years:

  • Medical sciences of anatomy (including dissection)
  • Biochemistry
  • Physiology
  • Human systems
  • Analyse illnesses & treatment strategies related to human systems
  • Pathology
  • Microbiology 
  • Pharmacology

Expect to experience:

  • The professional clinical practice and interaction with medical patients
  • Unrivalled access to practice in rotations at clinics and hospitals 
  • A professional doctor-patient relationship
  • Enhancing your patient-centered communication skills 
  • Knowledge on performing physical examinations 
  • Taking patient information, histories, current treatment, symptoms and medical conditions 
  • Performing day-to-day duties in the hospital 
Study MBBS Abroad Ireland

Your medical degree, in the end, will be awarded by the National University of Ireland, as you receive your MB BCh BAO after passing all your required modules. For more information, check out RUMC here