Why Do We Need Insurance From Now On?

No one can know what will happen in the future. Regardless of age young or old this holds true. However, everyone is aware that negative things could develop in the future. Insurance is one item that might assist you in foreseeing potential risks. By purchasing insurance, you are transferring your risk to the insurance provider. Thus, you avoid suffering significant financial losses when the danger materialises. Decide on the best insurance for you while you are still young. That’s why we have to have insurance from now on, for complete information, please check the link below buy insurance policy for kids Malaysia.

  • Life insurance

If you are already working and are the breadwinner for the family, then you need life insurance. Maybe right now you are entering the world of work for the first time with the status of being single. In this condition, you may have limited economic capacity.

However, buying life insurance is not a waste. Because actually, you can still find life insurance products with affordable premiums on the market. For example, you can look for traditional life insurance or micro life insurance that offers a sum assured (UP) and affordable premiums. Or, you can also consider life insurance whose premiums can be adjusted at a later date.

  • Credit life insurance

You must also have credit life insurance if you currently have a car loan (KKB) or a mortgage loan (KPR). When you apply for credit, you typically already have this credit life insurance. If the consumer passes away before making all payments on the credit, credit life insurance will cover the loan. As a result, the debt risk of the client will not be borne by the family left behind.

  • Health Insurance

Health insurance is also a basic protection that is important for everyone to have. By having health insurance, you avoid bankruptcy or large expenses due to falling sick. However, if you are young and this is the first time you want to buy this protection, then you can choose health insurance according to your needs. How to measure this need can be by looking at what protection you have.

For example, for example, the company where you work provides BPJS Health facilities and a health ceiling of one month’s salary. Then, compare it with the cost of treatment at the hospital. That way, you can find out whether the health facilities you get from the office are adequate or lacking.

If it’s not enough, then you can consider buying health insurance with hospital reimbursement benefits. Health insurance with hospital reimbursement benefits, will provide reimbursement of hospital costs based on the number of bills from the hospital. On the other hand, if the office provides maximum health insurance protection, and you want to buy private health insurance in addition, you can choose a product with benefits and premiums that are not so large. For example, you can choose a cash plan health insurance that provides daily benefits or just buy critical illness insurance.

  • General insurance

General insurance covers any potential losses, damages, expenses, lost earnings, or legal responsibility to third parties that you might suffer in the event of an event. Consider purchasing general insurance if you currently own items with significant value.